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Employee engagement

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Create a positive safety culture

Tended’s technology is designed with both employers and employees in mind, helping your teams become positively engaged in safety.


of employees are against using safety tracking technology


of employees say
they feel happier in a safe workplace


the average cost of a
disengaged employee
per year

Digitalise your workplace safety

Getting your employees engaged with health and safety can be challenging, yet it’s vital to keep them safe. Our wearables help embed safety into your working culture and provide a virtual link between your workers and their managers - benefits that reach far beyond improving their safety.

People and technology
working together

The right technology can help make employees safer and more efficient in their day-to-day working lives. When people feel safe at work, they experience far greater job satisfaction, are happier and more productive.

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Get back more than you put in

Investing in your workers’ safety and security, according to the HSE and various peer-reviewed journals, is proven to build trust with your staff, boost productivity and employee engagement, reduce staff turnover and enhance your reputation.


From the moment you invite your employees, to when they set up their account, we’re there every step of the way to make the experience simple, engaging and exciting.


Add employee

Once you’ve added an employee, they’ll receive an email and text to set up their account. During the setup process, they’ll be asked for their home address for us to post out their Tended Wearable.


Receive wearable

Within a couple of days, they’ll receive their Wearable in the post, almost as if it’s a gift from you, their employer. Alongside the Wearable and its accessories, we include some simple instructions on getting set up.



As part of the set up process, we’ll show your employees a collection of videos to show them how to use the product.



During this process, and anytime after, your employees can get support through our free support service. Live in-app web chat, customer support phone numbers, video training centres and simple to follow FAQs are all dedicated to your employees.

User experience

Designed to be subtle and discreet, your employees will never notice their Wearable until they need it, meaning it fits seamlessly into their working day.


67% of employees are against using safety devices due to the fear of being tracked. We believe in respecting employee privacy, which is why we only share their location and personal information in the event of an emergency.

Step counter and time display

Our Wearable doubles up as a daily step counter and shows the time and date, adding more value for your employees.

Ergonomic and aesthetical

Whether your teams work on a building site or in a hospital, nobody wants an oversized and inconveniently placed device cramping their style. We’ve designed our devices to be lightweight and understated.