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Build safer

With hazards present at every stage of a project and pressure to build faster and reduce downtime, you need an effective safety solution that is rapidly deployed. Tended’s geofencing solution helps you to create a safer, more secure working environment. With no installation required, your teams can get started as soon as they arrive on site, maximising productivity. 

An overhead shot of a construction site with a green overlay on it labelled "Safe zone" and a red overlay next to this labelled "Unsafe zone".

Control site access

With subcontractors, part-time, international and temporary workers, keeping up with safety briefings can be a challenge.

By creating specific geofence areas prior to anyone heading onsite, you can ensure that only authorised workers enter the work area jobsite. Powerful alerts notify workers and supervisors that they are unauthorised or unsafe to proceed, preventing individuals from accessing the worksite without a safety briefing.

A digital map with a rectangular orange area plotted out with the words "Draw access zone".

Save time with virtual barriers

Define safe access points within the Planning Dashboard to let workers know how to safely access the worksite. By eliminating the use of physical barriers that need to be set up and moved as the site progresses, you can save valuable project time and deliver greater efficiency with our centimetre-accurate alert.

Keep your teams informed of risks

Overlay geofence zones for specific scheduled activities, such as site grading and tipping. With alerts issued to workers if they enter unsafe zones, you can be sure that everyone is made aware of the location of hazards as the project evolves.

A dashboard showing a workflow of a map and a button that says "Update geofence" followed by a green button that says "Geofence updated".

Update zones in real time

Keep your geofence zones updated to avoid miscommunication and delays. With changes that can be made in minutes on a mobile or tablet, Tended gives control of site safety to your teams on the ground. React quickly to changes and unscheduled events to ensure site safety is always prioritised.

Take your worksite to the next level of health and safety

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