Full visibility over your assets

Using geotagging, you can reduce the risk of incidents onsite by tracking all your operational assets, from mobile plant and machinery to fixed protection equipment.

Plot location

With a high resolution satellite view of your worksite, you can easily plot the exact location for your equipment, such as marker boards and temporary earths.


Assign Tended's geotagging devices to your project and attach them to your equipment and plant to see their location in real-time.


Once your site is ready to start, compare planned and live asset locations and ensure everything is in the correct location before setting your site live.


Get real-time alerts on the Dashboard such as vehicles entering site from the wrong direction, vehicles speeding or anything leaving the safe work zone.


Upon the completion of works, the Dashboard will support you with the line clear verification process by alerting if any assets are left onsite.

Digitalise your site management process

With a real-time view of your worksite, you can streamline site operations and easily identify unsafe events or conditions. Reduce the reliance on paper-based processes and 2-way communication, helping eliminate the risk of human error.

Get a live view of all assets and equipment on your worksite

Ensure protection equipment is placed in the correct location

Receive notifications about speeding or if anything leaves the safe work zone

Identify if vehicles enter site from the wrong direction

See if OTP/OTM comes within close proximity to other vehicles, equipment or points

Ensure the correct placement of critical protection equipment

Map out your safe working zones and plot the planned location of fixed equipment such as worksite marker boards, possession limit boards and detonators.

On the Dashboard, get a live view of this equipment onsite to compare planned versus live locations and ensure everything has been installed correctly.

Enhance compliance with safety guidelines

Help ensure compliance with site safety measures, including adherence to set working zone limits and safe site access and egress through the provision of geofenced safe zones.

Use data points generated from Tended’s system to help with the identification of trends and opportunities to further improve worksite safety and efficiency.

Effective asset management

Monitor the live locations of all assets onsite to reduce the risk of equipment left behind and help prevent incidents involving objects left on the line.

Tended's system supports asset management by preventing projects from being closed if there are still live assets onsite, notifying users of any outstanding equipment and its current location.