employee PRIVACY

We’re committed to protecting user privacy

Tended does not capture personally identifiable information from our Wearables, nor do we track specific individuals. As a company, we exist to improve worker safety through technology, while protecting their privacy. From design to implementation, your teams' right to privacy will always come first for us.

Get cm-level positioning accuracy with no beacons or local infrastructure to set up
Know proximity to plant when situational awareness drops
Environmental sensors
Gather environmental data to build a full picture of site safety

Monitoring safety not workers

The whereabouts of Tended's Wearables are only used to alert the wearer when they are no longer safe. When enabled, they can also alert specified site supervisors of a potential incident so they can respond immediately if a worker is in danger or distress.

A male worker in an orange hi-vis jacket and blue hard hat stood with a wearable safety device on his arm. His face is blurred out.
A satellite image of a city that is slightly blurred. Overlayed is a white padlock icon.

Safeguarding location data

Location data captured is anonymised and used by Tended to ensure positional accuracy is maintained. This data can also be used to assist investigations by relevant safety inspectors after a safety incident has occurred. Specific employee location data cannot be tracked or monitored by the employer, protecting the privacy of workers and helping to encourage engagement.

Anonymous data helps us improve safety

Anonymous data is captured by our Wearables so that we can further improve our products and provide a better experience when using our solutions. We also use this data to provide insights into workplace safety so that informed decisions can be made to improve site safety.

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Privacy by design

We’re committed to responsible innovation and all of our solutions are designed with privacy in mind. We ensure privacy protections are built into our products from the offset with a strict privacy and security process followed. All development is managed in house and not outsourced to any third parties.

View our privacy policy for more information

Battery life that keeps up

With multi-shift battery life, you can be sure that Tended’s Wearables will remain functional throughout your team’s shifts.

Data security

Data encryption

All data captured by Tended is encrypted and equipped with endpoint security software with automatic updates. Data extracted is aggregated, anonymised and encrypted with AES-256 before it is securely stored in our database.

Penetration testing

We work with a third party to conduct regular penetration tests of Tended's infrastructure to check for any security vulnerabilities.

Security training

All Tended employees undergo regular training to ensure they stay informed about new and significant security threats and how to mitigate them.

Security certification

Tended is GDPR compliant as well as being ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.