Next generation positioning wearables

Designed for safety-critical environments, Tended’s Wearables transform worksite safety by helping to prevent near misses and accidents.

Get cm-level positioning accuracy with no beacons or local infrastructure to set up
Know proximity to plant when situational awareness drops
Environmental sensors
Gather environmental data to build a full picture of site safety

Our network covers nearly every country in the world

You don't want lengthy installation that consumes valuable project time. Tended uses a well-established network of beacons that doesn’t require any onsite infrastructure or set up, saving you valuable time and costs.

Accuracy down to the centimetre

Tended achieves incredible accuracy by using fixed reference points across the globe that correct common GPS positioning errors. These fixed points triangulate our Wearables' positions to provide typical accuracy between 1-2cm.

Clear warning alerts

Be sure your teams are notified the moment they are unsafe. With audio, visual and vibration alerts, we help your teams regain situational awareness so they can quickly move back to safety.

Automatically fails into a safe mode

Tended’s Wearables have fail-safe systems built in and continue to look out for your teams if connectivity goes down. If accuracy drops, the Wearable proactively alerts the wearer to make them aware.

Complete coverage

Don’t allow critical works to be disrupted by an unreliable connection. We use multi-carrier networks, ensuring your teams stay connected even in the most challenging environments.

A close-up of a palm-sized orange device with a black screen and black antenna, attached to a hi-vis pocket. Next to it is a wifi icon indicating full signal.
A close-up of a palm-sized orange device with a black screen and black antenna. Next to it is a graphic indicating device health.

Proactive device maintenance

Wearable health and performance is reported to our servers, enabling proactive maintenance to ensure your devices always perform as expected.

Get started in minutes

Stay on schedule and limit set up delays. Our Wearables' switch-on-and-go functionality means your teams can get up and running in no time.

Your own portable charging case and control centre

With Tended’s charging case, you can ensure your teams are ready to go at a moment’s notice. It holds and charges 10 Wearables at a time, keeping them secure and ready for the next shift. A 4G tablet provides an at-a-glance view of your worksite.

Easily check site details or make quick adjustments based on local conditions and project updates.

Battery life that keeps up

With multi-shift battery life, you can be sure that Tended’s Wearables will remain functional throughout your team’s shifts.

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