Upgrade your rail project safety with powerful geofencing technology

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Keep your projects on track

Tended uses the latest positioning technology to help keep your workers within safe working limits and away from open lines. By planning your worksites and defining safety-critical areas, you can deliver safer, more efficient projects.

Approved for use on the rail network

Tended’s geofencing solution has received official product acceptance from Network Rail for use on rail infrastructure. It is also fully compliant with Network Rail's new geofencing standard.

Discover the future of track worker safety

Define safe working zones that help keep your workers away from hazards, such as open lines. Your teams are alerted if they leave their safe zones, helping them regain situational awareness to drive safer behaviours and decisions on site.

Plan projects faster

Spend less time setting projects up and manually plotting the correct location of protection assets. Tended includes rail-specific map overlays that include ELRs and miles and chains so you can easily and precisely place geofence zones, protection assets and safe access points.

Remove the risk of human error

Due to the high-risk nature of rail infrastructure, accuracy and reliability are critical. The latest satellite technology ensures we can provide centimetre-level accuracy to ensure your teams are notified the second they are no longer safe.

Maintain compliance with industry safety standards

Viewed as one of the main innovations to prevent near misses and worker fatalities, Network Rail has released a new standard for the use of geofencing on rail infrastructure. By using Tended’s geofencing technology to improve trackside safety and reduce risk, you can strengthen compliance with this new safety standard as well as 019 and 0130.

A practical guide to applying geofencing

Geofencing is an incredibly powerful tool for helping teams stay within safe working zones when working trackside. But how exactly should you apply this technology to your safe systems of work?

Unlock the power of geofencing with our guide on how to easily integrate this technology into different types of trackside work, helping you to understand the specific cases in which our system can be used to strengthen your safety strategy.

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Did you know?

Loss of situational awareness is the leading cause of near misses, close calls and fatalities on the UK’s rail network.

Our new Guide to Situational Awareness will give you a deeper understanding of what precisely situational awareness is and why we as humans can become unaware of our surroundings, even in dangerous environments.

Download it to see just how geofencing technology can play a role in addressing this major challenge, and how it can help to put an end to preventable accidents on the railway.

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