A new approach to project planning for safer, more efficient worksites

Use Tended’s Dashboard to eliminate guesswork and reduce the risk of error when planning out important details of your worksite. With pinpoint accuracy and full visibility over your work environment, you can maximise safety and efficiency all from one platform.

Create a safer environment for your teams

Put an end to confusion around the location of site access points and safe working zones. With Tended, you can easily map out virtual safe zones of any shape and size, define safe access points and routes, and plot the location of critical protection equipment.

Plan sites that change by time and event

Set a time and date for your safe working zones to suit work schedules. These variable safe zones help ensure your teams are away from harm when hazardous activities are scheduled on site.

Track and monitor the location of critical safety assets

Antiquated systems like printed plans can make it difficult to find the correct location for critical safety equipment. Tended allows you to easily define exactly where your critical assets need to be placed and monitor their location in real time.

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A dashboard showing a workflow of a map and a button that says "submit for approval" followed by a green button that says "project approved".

Streamline your approval process

Reduce the risk of error with built-in approval workflows. Inspect the change history of all plans and view comprehensive audit trails to ensure sites are set up correctly and are compliant.

Solution functionality

With a growing list of features, you can be sure you have the most comprehensive safety solution available.

Access anywhere, anytime

Access the Dashboard from any location using a desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

Upload external geospatial data

Overlay your existing digital geospatial data, such as the position of your fixed assets, within the Dashboard to enable better-informed planning.

Toggle rail-specific overlays

Make informed planning decisions by switching on rail-specific overlays that include miles and chains and ELRs.

Pinpoint exact locations

A what3words integration makes planning more efficient by making exact site locations quick and easy to find.

Accurate distance measurements

Accurately measure any distance onsite, such as the distance from the edge of a track or size of a safe zone.

Mirror your safe systems of work

Save time by mirroring your safe systems of work and set projects up in less than 5 minutes.

Take your worksite to the next level of health and safety

Get a free onsite demo to see Tended’s revolutionary geofencing in action.

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