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Guide to situational awareness

According to Network Rail, loss of situational awareness is the leading cause of near misses, close calls and fatalities on the rail network.

In this guide, gain a deeper understanding of what exactly situational awareness is and get to grips with why we as humans can become unaware of our surroundings, even in dangerous environments such as working trackside.

By understanding this, you’ll see just how geofencing technology can play a role in addressing this major challenge, and how it can help to put an end to preventable accidents on the railway. 

Put together by our Behavioural Science team, this guide is designed to show you;

  • The importance of understanding human behaviour onsite, particularly in high-risk working environments

  • The psychology behind losing situational awareness and how this impacts worker safety

  • How geofencing technology can be applied as a powerful tool to address human behaviour challenges onsite

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