Why Tended?

Tended’s mission is to prevent workplace accidents and incidents, making sure that everyone returns home safe, every day. Our unique approach of combining technology and behavioural science has resulted in Tended winning multiple awards and accreditations for our safety solutions.

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Since our formation, we’ve received over £6m of private investment and we’re putting over £2m every year into research and development to create cutting-edge safety technology. 

We've deployed over 10,000 wearables over the past 4 years to industry-leading organisations, including Network Rail, AmcoGiffen, Siemens, RSS Infrastructure and Story Contracting. 
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We can overcome the challenges that come with deployment

Our wealth of experience with safety wearables means that we understand the technological and human challenges that come with deploying wearable technology in safety critical working environments. Our years of experience and dealing with these challenges are factored into each project, ensuring deployment is successful every time.

Behaviours are at the heart of everything we do

Our in-house team of dedicated behavioural science experts support all of our developments and deployments to ensure ease of use, adoption and ongoing employee engagement.

We can uncover powerful insights into your safety culture

Working with Tended means that you will have access to our safety culture improvement platform, designed by our behavioural science team to address deeply-ingrained cultures in your workplace. This first-of-its-kind solution has been built to support our wearable technology, driving sustainable safety culture change and further cementing safe behaviours in the workplace.

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