How it works

Give your workforce a sixth sense

Real-time alerts give your workforce a ‘tap on the shoulder’ the moment they step out of safe working limits.


Accurately plan safe work zones on your worksite to minimise onsite risks.


Easily assign Wearables to your workers so they can start work safely.


Improve your workers’ situational awareness so they stay within safe working limits.

How it works

Get set up in minutes. In just a few clicks, you can have geofence zones mapped out and Wearables ready to deploy on site.

Step 1

Plan your worksite

Map out your geofences within the Dashboard. Define safe zones, authorised site entrances, equipment and asset locations and more so everyone knows how to safely access and navigate the site.

A worker in orange hi-vis standing on a worksite with a wearable safety device attached to their hi-vis.
Step 2

Protect your people

With no onsite set up or additional infrastructure required, your teams simply take their Wearable from the portable charging case. Wearables are updated automatically and in real-time, ensuring your teams are always up to date with any changes to their safe working zones.

Step 3

Prevent accidents

Audible, visual and vibration alerts notify workers if they cross a geofence zone boundary. With real-time alerts, individuals are instantly notified of their potentially dangerous position, helping them regain situational awareness.

Analyse site safety

Access optional analytics within the Dashboard to gain a deeper understanding of site safety. Identify trends and opportunities for improvement to make data-driven decisions about worksite safety.

Expandable options to suit your work environment

We understand that every worksite is unique. That's why our Wearable is expandable so you can tailor a solution to your work environment and address specific safety concerns.

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A set of 5 small orange devices with a black screen, lined up one behind the other.
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