Many site locations don't always have an obvious postcode or address, especially in rural areas. Searching for sites when there are no evident reference points can be time consuming and increases the risk of safe work zones being placed in the wrong location.

The what3words integration makes planning more efficient by making exact site locations much quicker and less frustrating to find. By simply typing the what3words address, you will be taken to the position, displayed on the map within the Planning Dashboard, ready to start plotting out your site. What's more, what3words references can be easier to communicate and share with team members.

Tended’s what3words integration:
Provides another way to search for site locations when geographic coordinates are unavailable or impractical
Gives the 3m location of any area in the UK, making it easy to locate specific addresses and worksites
Allows for sites and locations to be shared easily between teams so everyone is aligned