Once Wearables have been assigned to a live site within the Planning Dashboard, they are ready to be attached and put to work by your teams. Holding the left-hand on / off button down for 3 seconds will switch the device on. It will begin the process of establishing its position and will retrieve all geofence information from the project it has been assigned to. If the Wearable has been switched on outside of the geofence zone set on the Planning Dashboard, it will alert every 10 seconds to indicate that the wearer has not yet entered the safe working zone.

When the wearer enters the safe working zone for the first time, the Wearable will give a positive alert, notifying them that they are now within their designated work zone. If the wearer then exits the safe working zone, the Wearable will alert them with a strong audible, visual and vibration alert. This alert will continue until they return to the safe working zone.

Tended's Wearables:
Provide workers with a clear indication of whether or not they have entered the safe working zone
Give real-time alerts when a worker leaves the safe working zone so they can immediately move back to a position of safety
Are ready as soon as they have been switched on, ensuring no time is wasted from long set up or installing infrastructure