Start a new project

Planning and managing projects can be complex with multiple different factors to consider and include. Having safe systems of work planned is critical to ensure worker safety, minimise the risk of disruption and keep projects running efficiently.

Setting up a new project in Tended's Planning Dashboard is a simple process. For each new project, you can assign a project team or reference and a project manager who can view all relevant details as part of the approval process. This individual will only see the projects assigned to them, meaning they won't waste time unnecessarily searching through projects managed by others.

Once the details of the project are prepared, including dates, times and duration, you can then create the various worksites needed to correspond with the safe work pack. These individual sites can have specific start and end dates and times to coincide with the scheduled works, and you can plot your geofence zone to represent the safe working area on your worksite. These can be quickly and safely amended to respond to unexpected changes. Built in features, including layers to view line speeds, ELRs, miles and chains and a measurement tool can assist with safe zone planning to ensure the workzone is in the correct location and away from hazards.

Tended's start a project feature:
Allows for new projects and associated worksites to be set up with ease
Helps planners create safe working zones by viewing high resolution imagery and important site characteristics
Keeps project details in one place, making it quick and easy for project managers to preview upcoming works