Ensuring your teams are a safe distance from onsite hazards is crucial in safety-critical environments. When planning out your project, it can be difficult to establish safe distance without physically visiting the site, which takes up time and also puts team members at risk. Inadequate space between workers and hazards, such as open lines or OLE, not only increases the risk of accidents but also makes sites non-compliant with the safe work pack.

With Tended’s measurement tool, it’s quick and easy to measure accurate distances on your worksite, all from the online Planning Dashboard. In just a few clicks, you can measure any distance on site and make sure the safe working zone is the right size and a safe distance from hazards. Toggle line speeds on to ensure the correct exclusion distance is present. By viewing accurate distances onsite, you can make better informed planning decisions and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Tended’s measurement feature:
Makes it incredibly easy to measure distances that inform planning decisions, such as where to place the safe working zone and safe distance from hazards
Saves time by giving you accurate measurements straight from the Planning Dashboard without needing to head onto site
Provides a quick way of checking that safe working zones are plotted to the correct dimensions