Geospatial overlays

When planning your worksite and the location of protection assets, you need to be sure everything is in the right place. Safe work zones, access points and protection assets placed in the wrong area or line can have a serious impact on worker safety as well as adding delays to your project. Without visibility on route details, it can be challenging to determine where everything needs to be, which can result in unnecessary time and money spent to make adjustments.

Tended helps you ensure the correct placement of your protections and correspond with the safe work pack by giving you full visibility of route details, including miles and chains, ELRs and line speeds. By pulling route data from multiple sources that are updated regularly, we provide accurate information for every track within Great Britain. This makes it easy to identify the exact section of track required for the work so that safety assets, including safe work zones, detonator protections and possession limit boards are placed in the right location, as these are often placed at set sighting distances from the worksite.

Tended’s geospatial overlays feature:
Helps ensure protection assets are placed in the correct locations to prevent near misses and incidents
Makes planning projects quicker and more efficient with all important details visible in one place
Enables you to plot the exact dimensions of the safe working zone in accordance with the safe work pack