Duplicate sites

Projects duration, nature of the work, size and many other elements vary from project to project. Tended’s Planning Dashboard allows you to plot out your worksite to suit your project requirements and specify its duration by selecting a start and end date. While projects can be extended past the end date, once the project has ended, this site is visible within the Planning Dashboard but is not available to be restarted. As well as ensuring the project is recorded for auditory purposes, it prevents a site being accidentally started, which can put workers at risk.

The ability to duplicate sites in the Planning Dashboard allows for worksites that have already been set up but have ended to be repeated without affecting the original project. This saves time by removing the need to find the same site and recreate the worksite.

This feature is especially useful for improving the efficiency of planned projects which require taking and giving back possession of a section of track. Rather than recreating the same site throughout the project, planners can simply duplicate the site, improving planning efficiency and speed.

Tended’s duplicate site feature:
Makes it quick and easy to recreate projects that have finished within the Planning Dashboard
Provides planners with greater flexibility as they can reuse work zones shapes in new locations
Saves time when planning projects that are in the same location