Assign devices

Delivering projects safely, on time and within budget are key factors of success. Ensuring quick and efficient set up is essential within time-critical projects as well as being agile enough to respond to unexpected, last-minute changes.

Tended's Planning Dashboard allows planners to quickly and easily set up new projects with associated safe working zones and assign wearables to them. These devices can be quickly added to the project by scanning the QR code on the back, or if preferred, entered manually. This assigns it to the selected project, where you can see the serial number and add a nickname for easy reference. The device is then ready to be collected and used onsite. Wearables can also be assigned from the site in exactly the same way if they are out in the field.

Tended's assign worker devices feature:
Makes it incredibly easy to add devices to your project to get teams up and running quickly
Provides a platform to easily view and manage devices for your projects
Saves project set up time with each device taking just seconds to add to a project