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A new era of safety

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Introducing the next generation of positioning wearables to improve safety and help prevent accidents

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Next generation geofencing

The safest project you've ever delivered

Tended combines geofencing technology, wearables and behavioural science to help keep your teams out of harm’s way. Overlay virtual safe zones onto your worksite with alerts triggered when boundaries are crossed to ensure everyone knows where to work safely.

Control the risks and keep your projects running smoothly.

Incredible accuracy with no additional infrastructure or installation

Accuracy down to the centimetre

We can position workers with cm-level accuracy so you can be confident that they will be alerted the moment they are no longer in a position of safety.

No additional infrastructure required

As Tended uses an established network of beacons, you can save time with a solution that is ready to go without the need for any onsite infrastructure or installation.

Developed around human factors

Behavioural science and psychology are built into the core of our solution to help increase safety awareness among your teams and cultivate safer behaviours.

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Loved by the rail industry

Trusted by experts like you

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“This cutting-edge technology has revolutionised our operations, granting an unprecedented level of visibility into our worksites. With the incorporation of geofencing, our operations team continues to discover fresh applications, thanks to our close collaboration with Tended."

Eddie Bell, Lead Possession
Planning Engineer

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"If we are working next to lines with trains travelling at high speeds without any barriers or fencing, we need to be confident in the safety systems we have in place. Tended has provided additional peace of mind in these situations, letting workers know instantly if they were to leave safe working areas, and helping to ensure no one approaches an open line."

Steve Hood,
Programme Manager

Network Rail
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"The system was so quick and easy to set up, allowing us to create incredibly precise boundaries for our workers, ensuring they remained within safe work zones while performing essential trackside maintenance. Observing just how quickly the device alerted when a worker stepped out of safe working limits helped put our minds at ease about teams working next to adjacent open lines."

Jason Fidoe,
Technical Manager

RSS Infrastructure
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“Tended allows us to better protect our teams in a way that hasn’t been done before by using innovation in safety. Our commitment to keeping our track workers safe is absolute and uncompromising. Tended shares that commitment and what impressed me is that they have designed a product that puts the user first."

Andy Crowley,
Ops Director

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"I can see this system being very useful for us when we’re setting out our marker boards. It gives us good data on the back end of how accurately we’re placing these boards out when we’re out onsite.“It’s a very good system. The guys have been really, really impressed with it over the time that it’s been in use here and it’s certainly something that we’ll be looking to develop going forward.”

Darren Pennycuick, Senior Construction Manager


A solution for safety-critical environments



Give your track workers peace of mind when working near open lines.

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Define safe working zones and access points, critical asset locations and marker board positions to plan and deliver safer rail projects.



Plan time-limited zones to keep workers away from hazards, such as scheduled heavy plant and material deliveries.

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An overhead shot of digger on a construction site. Overlayed ontop of the digger is an orange circlular shape to indicate a geofence.

Designed with time-critical projects in mind, you can quickly change your zones as your project evolves.

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Energy & Utilities

Protect your engineers by zoning off hazards to reduce the risk of electrical contact and exposure to arcing.

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Two workers in yellow hi-vis standing on top of industrial storage tanks, both looking at an iPad.

Map geofence zones in three dimensions for height-dependent hazards, such as overhead power lines.

Take your worksite to the next level of health and safety

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