May 2, 2023

Webinar: Bridging the gap between human vulnerability and worksite safety

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May 2, 2023
Company news

We are excited to share that, as part of Rail Safety Week, Tended's Head of Behavioural Science Jules Reed will be hosting a unique webinar on worksite safety.

Jules is our Head of Behavioural Science here at Tended. She is skilled in bringing psychology and technology together to improve workplace safety and prevent accidents.

Join us for Jules' Webinar on Thursday 29th June as part of #RSW23

As part of Rail Safety Week 2023, Jules will host this webinar exploring how we can bridge the gap between human vulnerability and worksite safety.

An expert in human behaviour, Jules takes a deep dive into the psychology of why people make mistakes. As humans, we are fallible, and that means no matter how well-trained or well-motivated workers are, mistakes and accidents will inevitably still happen.

Uncovering the psychology behind this emphasises that relying on human behaviour alone to control risk is guaranteed to fail. And in high-pressure, high-risk work environments the consequences of this can be devastating.

So what do we do to mitigate this? Technology has driven perpetual change to create a fourth industrial revolution. Now, it’s making its way into the health and safety space and is becoming increasingly commonplace as a way to respond to human error. It provides a reasonably practicable solution for creating safer, more efficient work environments. However, with 70% of change initiatives failing in the workplace, transforming the safety of workers with new technology can be challenging.

But in this webinar, Jules will explain how, with the right tools, organisations can reduce the risk of human error to instil sustainable safety change onsite. And with the right approach, leaders can bridge the gap between human vulnerability and worksite safety to help end preventable accidents and ensure workers return home safely - every day.

Register for free to…

- Understand the psychology behind human error and how this impacts worksite safety

- Discover how different technologies are being used to bridge the gap between human error and safety

- Learn simple engagement strategies to seamlessly integrate new initiatives into your workplace


Rail Safety Week 2023

Organised by Rail Forum, Rail Safety Week is dedicated to putting a spotlight on safety across the UK railway industry. Please join us in supporting this important cause and get involved in one of the many activities and events, including the launch conference in London on 26th June which is set to host an exciting programme of speakers. More information on this event and how to get involved in #RSW23 can be found here.

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