July 10, 2024

SPL Powerlines deploys Tended’s geofencing technology in Scotland

Company News
July 10, 2024
Company News

Tended, a leading provider of geofencing technology for track worker safety, is pleased to announce that SPL Powerlines has deployed their innovative solution in the Scotland region following successful small-scale pilots in England.

As a tier one contractor and industry-leading UK provider in rail electrification, SPL Powerlines has always been committed to prioritising the safety and efficiency of its operations. By expanding the use of Tended’s geofencing technology to their operations in Scotland, the company will be able to further enhance its onsite safety protocols.

Working in safety-critical rail environments, SPL Powerlines’ employees are at increased risk if they lose situational awareness. Implementing Tended’s geofencing solution helps mitigate this risk by alerting workers if they unintentionally leave safe working limits and approach potentially hazardous areas.

Starting in Haymarket, Edinburgh, Tended’s geofencing technology will be specifically used to enhance visibility over onsite operations. The system uses highly accurate positioning devices attached to plant, machinery and equipment, such as RRVs, MEWPs, marker boards and trolleys. By providing real-time location data and movement tracking, Tended’s technology aims to prevent critical incidents, including points run-throughs, incorrectly placed marker/possession limit boards, and equipment left on the line when works are completed.

Key benefits of the system include:

  • Improved site monitoring
  • Reduced risk of collisions and infrastructure damage
  • Reduced risk of project delays
  • Enhanced overall project efficiency and cost savings
  • Safer work environments for employees and subcontractors

SPL Powerlines will also benefit from Tended’s latest innovative feature. A RAG (red, amber, green) view provides an instant, colour-coded overview of all plant and machinery onsite. The system flags any potential unsafe events so that immediate action can be taken to prevent incidents that could compromise project efficiency and worker safety. These include vehicles exceeding the site speed limit or moving beyond designated safe work limits.

Leo Scott Smith, CEO & Founder of Tended said: “We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration with SPL Powerlines to help further enhance their worksite safety and efficiency. We’re particularly excited to see SPL implement our new RAG feature. This feature is a completely new innovation that has the potential to transform how possessions are managed in the rail industry.”

This ground-breaking technology represents a major leap forward in rail safety and operational management, positioning SPL Powerlines at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Lee Pounder, Regional Director at SPL Powerlines, stated: "We are thrilled to be working with Tended in the Scotland region. By implementing this system, not only are we further enhancing site safety, but we’re also gaining a much clearer picture of our onsite operations. It aligns with our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our team members to ensure everyone stays out of harm's way.

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