October 17, 2022

Onsite trial of Tended's revolutionary geofencing technology commences

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October 17, 2022
Company news

Tended has started a trial of its geofencing technology with AmcoGiffen and its trackside teams.

The trial comes after two years of successful geofencing technology development alongside Network Rail’s Safety Task Force. The technology has received official product acceptance from Network Rail and Tended is deploying the solution within AmcoGiffen to demonstrate its capabilities in improving site safety and efficiency.

Using high-precision geofencing technology, Tended’s solution allows planners to improve the safety of their rail projects by defining critical details onsite prior to work starting. Using an online dashboard, planners can map out safe and unsafe zones over their worksites, define safe access points and routes and plot the location of critical safety assets.

Workers are assigned a small wearable device that provides real-time alerts when they cross a geofence boundary, alerting them of their potentially dangerous position and helping them regain situational awareness.

Using an well-established network, Tended’s Wearables achieve cm-level accuracy to help notify workers as soon as they are in a potentially unsafe situation, such as reaching the minimum distance required from an open line. This network provides UK-wide coverage, meaning no onsite infrastructure or hardware is required.

By incorporating Tended’s revolutionary geofencing technology into its daily operations, AmcoGiffen is pioneering the future of safety technology on the railway and leading the way for safer UK rail infrastructure.

This trial demonstrates AmcoGiffen and Tended’s shared ambition to use the latest technology to prevent accidents and near misses and to help ensure everyone returns home safe and healthy every day.

Tended’s CEO and founder, Leo Scott Smith, commented “We are incredibly excited to be launching a product trial with AmcoGiffen today to help them continue delivering essential transport services while bringing a new approach to worker safety.
"Product trials allow us to demonstrate the true potential of geofencing to transform the safety of trackside workers, as well as the reliability and accuracy of our solution. Our mission is and has always been to make the world a safer place with technology, and we are thrilled to have AmcoGiffen on board, helping us move one step closer to achieving this mission."

Recognising that user adoption and engagement are crucial elements for trial success, AmcoGiffen will receive full onboarding and employee engagement support led by Tended’s in-house Behavioural Science team.

It is expected that feedback and results from this trial will help the wider industry understand the potential for geofencing to improve trackside worker safety, and the ability for Tended’s technology to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, preventable accidents, near-misses and fatalities on the UK’s rail network.

Andy Crowley, Operations Director for AmcoGiffen said: “We’re always looking for innovative solutions to enhance safety on our challenging live project sites. Getting everyone home safe and healthy, every day, is our primary goal. We strive to create the right setting for our people to work in the safest way possible for themselves, their team, our clients and their customers.
“We welcome technological solutions like this, which provide us with added protection on site. We're excited about working on this trial with Tended and being able to see first-hand the benefits of the product.”

Learn more about Tended's geofencing technology here.

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