asset tracking

Full visibility and control over your assets

Centimetre-accurate tracking for all your operational assets, from mobile plant and machinery to fixed protection equipment and hand tools.

Plot location

With a high resolution satellite view of your worksite, you can easily plot the exact location for your equipment, such as marker boards and temporary earths.


Assign asset markers to your project and attach them to your equipment and plant to see their location in real time.


Once your site is ready to start, compare planned and live asset locations and ensure everything is in the correct location before setting your site live.


Get real-time alerts on the Planning Dashboard if your assets, such as plant or equipment, leave the safe work zone.


Upon the completion of works, a quick scan of the Planning Dashboard will support you with the line clear verification process by showing any assets left onsite.

Digitalising your site management process

With a real-time view of your worksite, you can easily identify unsafe events or conditions. As well as reducing the reliance on paper-based plans and radio communications, it also helps eliminate the risk of error from miscommunication.

Identify if vehicles enter site from the wrong direction

Receive notifications if any equipment or plant leaves the safe work zone

Check equipment is installed in the correct locations

See if plant comes within close proximity to other vehicles or equipment

Effective asset management

QR codes on the asset markers provide a streamlined process for keeping track of your assets. Scan them out at the start of the project to know exactly what equipment is onsite and where.

An asset register within the Planning Dashboard supports the line clear verification process by showing what’s missing when the asset markers are scanned back in upon the completion of works.

Manage runaway risk

Receive a notification if any assets, such as plant or trolleys, leave the safe working zone. These early alerts of unexpected movements can help stop runaways and prevent collisions.

A dashboard showing a workflow of a map and a button that says "Update geofence" followed by a green button that says "Geofence updated".

Improve the safety of plant movements

Create zones for designated routes and turning areas for plant with alerts to employees if they enter these zones. Ensure separation between mobile mobile plant and workers to prevent collisions, RRVs going through a set of points, and provide operators with designated safe access and circulation routes.