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Minimise the effect of COVID-19 on your business

  • Wearable solutions to help maintain social distancing
  • Wrist vibrations alert workers when they are too close to others
  • Ultra-wideband technology ensures high accuracy
  • Stop the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining user privacy
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A worker wearing a hi-vis jacket and hardhat walking in a factory

Get back to business without compromising your workforce’s safety.

Powerful solutions for
a safer workforce

Tended's wrist-worn safety device that detects accidents

Safety Wearable

Tended’s Wearable vibrates if workers come within a set distance of each other, reminding them to maintain social distancing

Tended's proximity Hub that helps maintain social distancing

Proximity Hub

An ultra-wideband proximity hub continually monitors the distance between devices to sub 10 centimetre precision.

Tended's dashboard for safety analytics and social distancing data


Any distance breaches are fed back to the online Dashboard, showing how many times they have been breached and for how long.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19

Tended’s technology helps ensure a set distance between workers. Protect your employees and stop the spread of the virus.


You set the minimum separation distance for your company. If workers come within that distance, they will receive a warning vibration on their Wearable.


Select distance pre-alerts - when your workers are close to your company's distancing limit, their Wearable will pulse, alerting them not to go any further.


Get insights into any distance breaches within your business through the Dashboard and send out alerts and updates to employees to manage their safety.

Precision is key to ensure effective social distancing

That’s why we use ultra-wideband technology. As well as its high precision and low latency, it isn’t affected by interference or obstructions. What’s more, it’s easy to deploy - no base stations needed.

We respect user privacy

By monitoring the distance between 2 devices rather than their location, we never capture or store employee whereabouts.

Employee contact information is only shared with the employer if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19. All exposure data is then deleted after 14 days.

As well as improving safety, our Wearables can also be used for fitness information, helping to engage your employees with the technology.

Two workers on site maintaining a safe, two-metre distance
Tended's contact tracing feature for COVID-19 diagnoses

Contact tracing

Employees confirmed as COVID-19 positive can easily report the infection within their mobile app.

You will then receive a notification with a record of which team members they have been in contact with, so you can quickly contain the outbreak.

Supporting your business after the COVID-19 outbreak

Social distancing

Prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19 by ensuring your workers keep a minimum distance of 2 metres


Reduce the health risks to both your workforce and the public, while upholding user privacy


Restart your programme of works sooner and without compromising on employee health and safety

Accident detection

Improve the safety of your workforce with intelligent safety features, including check-in and accident detection

Peace of mind

Provide peace of mind by demonstrating that your workers’ health is a priority and is being protected

Additional safety features

Option to implement additional safety features, including collision avoidance and vehicle warnings

An all-round safety solution

Tended provides connected safety solutions to support our social distancing technology. Using Wearable technology and online Dashboard, we can detect and prevent accidents, helping you create the safest working environment for your employees.

Monitor safety in real-time

Keep your business moving forwards with real-time incident reporting and accident alerts.

Easily identify workplace risks

Improve the safety of your working environment with insights into where the biggest safety risks are.

Safety settings that adapt to your business

Improve efficiency across teams with customisable safety settings for different departments and employee groups.

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