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Lone working

Female lone worker in a factory

people are injured
at work each year

lone workers are
attacked every day

How do you know if one of your lone workers has an accident?

Violence and accidents while at work are the biggest threat to lone workers.

Delivery driver working alone delivering post

Powerful solutions for a safer workforce

Today’s digital world is changing the way we work. With increased automation, employees are more mobile, and lone working is more common, making the challenge of keeping your workforce safe
more complex.

Traditional solutions have not kept up with evolving workplaces. Limitations in their technology mean they cannot reliably monitor worker safety and often rely on manual panic alarm systems.

That’s why we created Tended’s business solution, allowing you to improve your employees’ safety with a reliable and fully-automated system.

Man washing windows at height on a skyscraper
Employees laughing in the office

A happy workplace is a more productive workplace

By investing in your employees’ safety with the latest technology, you demonstrate that their safety and wellbeing matters. Not only giving them peace of mind, reducing stress levels and providing greater job satisfaction, it can also lead to a more effective and productive workforce. This is great news for you, your employees and your customers!

Two people having a discussion in the office

Improved safety,
less risk

With Tended’s technology, you get a single platform to manage safety, drive positive behavioural change and comply with health and safety regulations, all while mitigating risks to your workers.

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