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Electronics inside Tended's safety wearable

This is just
the beginning

We are always looking ahead and developing new ways to improve people’s safety. We believe that everyone should feel safe and we’re committed to continue pushing the boundaries of what our technology can do. Here’s a snapshot of the systems we’ve started building to help us achieve our goal.

Worker reversing a forklift with a load

Collision avoidance

Alerting staff of potential accidents from vehicles and machinery to prevent them from happening.

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Warning systems

Alerts straight to your employees’ wrist if they head into a hazardous environment or situation.

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A hazard from an oil spill

Hazard reporting

Logging of hazardous situations and near misses to prevent future accidents.

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Using technology to help not hinder

We believe that technology should only be used as a force for good. We understand the importance of building technology and systems that help keep people safe, while also protecting their privacy.

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We work with our clients long term to understand and solve their biggest safety challenges. If you would like to find out more about how our safety solutions can work for you, please get in touch.

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