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Siemens is the largest manufacturer in Europe. Their main focus is on sustainability, industry transformation and societal change within the manufacturing, infrastructure and transport industries.

Siemens uses Tended's technology to help ensure the safety of their workforce. With our social distancing solution, Siemens has maintained their manufacturing output as an essential service provider of infrastructure in the UK.

Siemens Energy building and warehouse

The challenge

To ensure they could continue to innovate and deliver crucial technology systems throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Siemens required a solution that would prioritise employee safety and quickly reduce the risk of virus transmissions.

As a people-centred business, a crucial part of deploying the solution was the support and consultation with union representatives and workers. This included verifying both technological benefits and upholding our shared principles on privacy.

Siemens' intention was to find a solution that would provide staff with peace of mind and help to keep them at a safe social distance during the pandemic. After testing Tended's solution against others, Siemens decided ours provided the most accurate and effective results to achieve this goal.

The solution

Tended worked alongside Siemens to successfully deploy our social distancing solution. Using our wearable Hubs, Siemens’ workers are notified if they come within a set distance of others, reminding them to maintain social distancing.

Tended has preserved worker anonymity and social distancing contacts are not recorded or monitored. As the situation evolves and presents different challenges, we continue working alongside Siemens to provide support for employee engagement and workplace safety.

The results

Since the solution was rolled out in the Autumn of 2020, it has had a significant positive impact not only to help keep Siemens’ employees safe, but also enabled them to maintain their manufacturing output.

We have also had a positive response from both unions and workers, overcoming scepticism around the new wearable technology being implemented. With help from Tended's behavioural science function, Siemens' employees have adapted to the new technology and supported full rollout.

Siemens implemented Tended's solution to offer peace of mind and assurance to their workforce during the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak. Siemens has accredited our solution with helping, among other measures, to reducing the risk of transmission at work.