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Tended has been working alongside the UK’s leading aerospace and defence manufacturer*. They are a global leader in engineering, and have successfully maintained their position at the forefront of innovation.

Using Tended's technology, the team was able to decrease the length of contact time by 20% in Q4 of 2020, helping to curb COVID-19 transmissions and keeping their operations running.

The challenge

To maintain their large and complex 24/7 operations, in the midst of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, the company needed an effective solution to maintain a COVID-secure environment at one of their major operational centres.

The solution

Tended has worked alongside the customer to implement our wearable social distancing solution, which helps people keep a safe distance with near instantaneous contact tracing functionality. All safety contacts are displayed on their safety dashboard, powered by Tended, which provides insights for data-driven decision making.

Since the initial trial period, which commenced in Q3 2020, we have now rolled out proximity Hubs to cover all employees site-wide. From the start, our customer has ensured stakeholder involvement to make the adoption of Tended’s technology a success. In addition to holding a network of workshops across their site for employee discussions and information sharing, they have also focused on the behavioural element of new technology implementation.

With a challenging and evolving situation that affects everyone, it was important to ensure positive employee engagement and experience. Working with our behavioural science function, the customer was able to establish effective messaging and delivery.

The results

Tended has been able to evidence a significant reduction in contact time between employees. Through effective social distancing, the company has kept their sites operational while ensuring the safety of their workforce.

Tended’s contact tracing feature has shown mitigating impact on investigative measures required to find suspected contacts exposed to an employee with COVID-19. The company has been able to quickly identify at-risk individuals and send them home, promptly containing further transmissions. This has resulted in a small number of employees vs an entire department being off site for two weeks.

Employee engagement is still very high. Initial employee involvement merged with behavioural science methodologies has ensured a positive employee experience from the offset, helping to drive behavioural change towards safety within the company’s working environment.

*Company name withheld for confidentiality